Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Foray: "a quick raid, usually for the purpose of taking plunder"

Well that seems a little harsh.

Anyway, here's more recent finds:

Lepiota rubrotincta

Now isn't that nice! Pink, with fringe!

Marasmius capillaris

These always manage to grow directly from the veins in the leaf. The stems are like horsehair.

Below is a very young Lion's Mane mushroom. There isn't a hint of yellowing on it, which means there isn't a hint of sour taste to it, which means it tastes like sweet lobster. I was hiking with a wonderful new hiking-pal, and we saw this, and I could have knocked her down, harvested this and run away, but instead I gave it to her and told her to cut it into 1/2"-thick slabs and swirl it in melted butter. "First one's free..."

Hericeum erinaceus

Another view of the Lion's Mane.


  1. Anyone who happens to find Lepiota rubrotincta along the way or in the forest must be cautious. It's an inedible mushroom! It looks different because of its color variations, but one shouldn't take it home or eat it. If you think you found one, but you are not sure, you can ask the experts or search the net for clues.

  2. I just thought it was a beautiful little mushroom.
    I don't even know what edible it could be mistaken for, if any! There's only a few I eat, because I am scared. But thanks for taking the time to make this clear. Mushroom ID can be tricky, which could kill you.