Thursday, December 26, 2013

What happened to me?

We interrupt our normal erratic posting schedule to alert our viewing audience to the fact that many, many weeks ago, when I moved all my images to an internal back-up drive because I was running out of memory, I lost the nice Picasa folder order that was so easy for me to navigate, so now almost 15,000 images are sorted in hundreds of alphabetized folders which are pretty much useless to me in terms of finding stuff.

However, I did learn some things:

  • Go through your images soon after you download them and get rid of the ones you'll never look at again. Be honest--will you ever really need that second (or third, fourth, fifth, etc.) image that's two millimeters to the left? I found I simply do not need to save probably 4/5 of them. Maybe more.
  • Change the damn file names of the keepers. The default "IMG_6323.JPG" is not very useful.

All is not least they're still in their named folders. I just have to open every alphabetically-ordered folder, check the dates, and change the names of the folders to include the date. There's only a couple hundred folders! Piece o' cake!

Yours in Fungi,