Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another Netted Rhodotus

Netted Rhodotus

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Trametes versicolor collection

For today's post, I give you good ol' Turkey Tails!

I just love these things. They're like velveteen agates. They're really common (found all over the world), and I just love them.

I know I have a deep affection for these, but I didn't realize I've been taking pictures of them every single time I come across them. I was looking for something else in some older images, and kept finding more pics of these, so I rounded up some of my favorites. These were all taken over the past year. Some are crappy technically, but try to just notice the colors.

I'd like to know what causes the stripes and the different colors. The green one has algae growing on it, so it's excused. 

Love the golden one, near the bottom.