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Sometimes people send me mushroom pictures and ask for ID help, but that's not my favorite thing to do. It can get time-consuming, and I'd rather be out in the woods. Try your closest Extension office or find an online group that does mushroom ID.

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  1. Beautiful photographs of mushrooms - never seen so many varieties. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

  2. Hi, I am a recent mycophile convert down here in Alabama. I share your enthusiasm and similar transformation though mine started this summer. I'm very interested in mycoremediation and myco insect pest management. Paul Stamet's ideas are awesome. Cool site by the way. I'm working on improving my mushroom photos. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

  3. Hi, did you read "The Photos" page, or "How to take crappy pictures in the woods"? Be warned, I've only been at this since 2009 myself, so I'm hardly an expert.

    I'd be more than happy to look at your pics and tell you what I see (if anything). Send something to mycologistablog*at*

    I suspect that a huge factor in capturing good images is being totally in love with your subject.

    Looking forward to your mushroom images, and thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment!

  4. Your blog makes me happy.

  5. Great Blog! I run Let me know if you are ever interested in exchanging links.

    - Bryan

  6. Hi,
    great shots! can you help me identify one? i live near's on my fb...see my fb: 123poopitout [pls like me too :)]....see also my blog for more nature and other stuff...

  7. Your blog inspired me to start my own. Your photos are great and you are a very witty writer. I found myself really identifying with some of the things you write about. Like the time you were all set for a day in the park and your memory card was gone! Uhh! Can so relate to that. I started this passion this past spring as I noticed all the amazing changes in the woods near my home. I try and identify all the living creatures, plants, animals etc. that I photograph and mushrooms of course are by far the most difficult and challenging-but hey thats what makes it intriguing. That and every single day the forest changes and new mushrooms pop up.
    I started my blog today at I will be following yours closely.

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