Friday, June 11, 2010

Slime mold day!

Raspberry slime mold, originally uploaded by Mycologista.

While marching to where I thought might be a likely spot to find Black Trumpets (no, I didn't find any, because they are invisible), I found many fascinating and beautiful little slime molds.  These are all quite small (in the grand scheme of things)--the Hemitrichia clavata is little 2mm balls on a stalk. The Chocolate Tube slime is about 1/2" tall.

Hemitrichia clavata

OZONIUM of Coprinellus domesticus
"Carnival Candy Slime," Arcyria denudata
"Chocolate Tube Slime," Stemonitis splendens
a bunch of Chocolate Tube Slime on a log
More on "ozonium" here. Couldn't find much more about it after a cursory online search.