Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another big fairy ring of Chlorophyllum molybdites (Green-spored Lepiota)

Someone got my contact info from a show I've got up right now, and told me about a big fairy ring by her house. It always seems to be a race against The Mower with these, but this time I made it.

It was big.
that black thing is my backpack
Green-spored Lepiota fairy ring

The street is over by the trees, and you could see the ring from there.  That black thing is my backpack.
Knife is 3-1/8"        DSC05933

My knife (above) is 3-1/8" long (unopened).

These are mature, and starting to dry up; the surface felt just like parchment paper.


The gills (which start out pure white)




The GILLS!!!

Lookit that! Like seaweed, or Georgia O’Keeffe.

When these are young and just coming up, the gills are lovely white (see here for another entry, of another fairy ring, from another time). The whole thing is white, except for some slight buff coloration of the veil remnants on the cap.  Also when they're young seems to be when overly-eager people decide they look just like the button mushrooms in the store, and since they smell nice and are so pretty and clean, they eat them and get violently ill. Don't eat these. Just look at them, and say "Wow! Look how big some of these suckers are! Aren't they cool?!? And growing in a ring like that!"

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