Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mushroom foray assortment, Sept. 18

I just got to keep slamming these up here or I'll never get caught up! The woods are just loaded now, when we hike we don't get more than 50 feet in 1/2 an hour, looking at stuff, taking pictures.

Polyporus alveolaris, Hexagonal-pored polypore
Lycoperdon perlatum, Gem-studded puffball

I really appreciate whoever keeps running up ahead of me, arranging these lovely compositions. Pretty sure it's fairies.

Lepiota cristata
I kept seeing these little mushrooms and kept ignoring them, thinking they were another impossible-to-identify little something, until I stopped and got my face up on them, and then they became beautiful.

Inonotus dryadeus, "Weeping Conk"

That's some wacked-out fungus! Young ones "exude amber-colored droplets." Yes, they do.


A slug having a really good time. This would be like you or me lying face-first on a 6-foot cake.

I'm finding all this stuff, all these mushrooms, all these creatures, everything in this blog, within 5 miles of my home. How? Because mushrooms are everywhere. I've said it before and I'll say it again.

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