Sunday, July 11, 2010

White jelly fungus (and more chanterelles)

Exidia alba--synonym Ductifera pululahuana
Lots of Chanterelles

About 6” of rain in 3 days means a whole lot of mushrooms are bursting forth…there's so many chanterelles out that I was perfectly comfortable GIVING AWAY the whole bag from the last outing. Two people at work seemed interested enough, as I babbled on & on about mushrooms (like I do), that I asked them if they'd like to try some, and they said yes, with believable enthusiasm, so I picked the last batch just for them.

There's so many of them that when this woman overheard us, and came to see them, and said "Oh, that's what those are??? I just mowed a whole bunch of them down before work today!," I * did * not * even * care.

SO much nicer than the paranoia and stress involved with MORELS. Chanterelles are prolific; they show up in the same area year after year, they're really easy to spot, they're all over the place, and they keep coming up for months--they'll be around, in abundance, through the fall. I know 5 places right this second that I could take someone and we would find chanterelles. Unlike some mushrooms we know.

The little white jelly fungus is Exidia alba; it's about an inch across.


  1. white jelly photo is rilly, rilly naahs.

  2. sweet mushroom shots, recent rains here have finally revitalized some of the fungi, neat stuff popping up all over.