Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ash Tree Bolete pore surface

Ash Tree Bolete pore surface, originally uploaded by Mycologista. 

Well, this was pretty cool, since the top of this mushroom looked like icky grey liver, or worse.

Lawn liver
A friend (thank you Robbie!) called to alert me to these (I guess my non-stop ranting about mushrooms is having an effect). If the top-most image is showing up as a weird ocher-olive color, that's accurate. Also, every time I look at that first one, it looks out of focus for a second, and then it pops into focus. Wacky! This didn't happen in real life, only in photo. 

Okay. So the Latin name is Gyrodon merulioides, or Boletinellus merulioides, it's edible, or inedible because it tastes lousy (like wood. or dirt), and one person in Illinois says on their website that "This is one of the most flavorful mushrooms we can find around here." I think I'll skip this one. But I still love those pores...

Update July 24: a hard-core, long-term mushroom hunter told me he thinks they taste like rotten potato peels.

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