Sunday, July 4, 2010

What’s so great about chanterelles

That’s a comment, not a question.

This lacy, ruffly, scalloped, swooping Baroque sculpture is the beautiful underside of a chanterelle. When I turned it over and saw this I heard music and faeries appeared.

Then I ate it


  1. Thanks for this post! These are amazing and your photos, as always are lovely. You have such hungry eyes and seem to be able to record the essence of the beauty you see! If you ever think you need new a name for the blog, or a short tag line, I suggest the last line of this post. "Then I ate it."

  2. Yes, the tagline or description is still being worked, and I love your suggestion. YOU should use the phrase "hungry eyes" for something; that's beautiful.

  3. And then I ate it. :) Thanks for the lovely mushrooms. The pics are wonderful.