Sunday, October 17, 2010

A few more Chicken of the Woods finds (extra deluxe)

These images are in hard-to-believe colors, but it's all true. The first one (below) we found the day after a good hard rain, and it was young and vibrant anyway, but I'm telling you, we could see this sucker from light years away. This was shot in the sun, which is rare for me. Also, it was juicy and succulent, nearly dripping as we harvested the most tender outer edges.

Laetiporus sulphureus
But this one, this one was the most perfect one I've found all season, tender enough to simply slice thin and saute and serve solo. And its pore surface is this incomprehensible yellow, and it comes in these wonderful shapes.

Happy Birthday to ME!
(FOUND on my birthday, not POSTED on my birthday)

So, mushrooms can be gorgeous, and you can EAT some of them! To hell with flowers!


  1. And now I am getting hungry. I didn't know anyone got quite so excited about mushrooms.

  2. This one really was the most perfect one I've found so far. It was tender and juicy right up to the tree. When I cut it, it was shiny with juice. It was heavenly.
    I bet if you start talking about mushrooms more often, you'll be surprised at how many of us are out there. It's so fun...

  3. Yeah, this one is the most delicious I've seen. It looks sooo fresh.
    Yep, I looked at your 'photo's' page, and thought, jeepers, I'm just making excuses. I will give my little snap camera a hug, but it's the frozen north right now, and will take a few months before the mushroom season starts up again, excepting witches butter...