Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Spring in the forest even though it’s August


Yup, still working the backlog. I’m in May now.

Here’s an egg I found right next to the trail.

egg in hand

Based on size and surface decoration, it’s a wild turkey egg, which I only know because I found a pile of them a couple years ago and asked somebody at the MDC what they were. This one was entire, but there was no one inside.

It was there a week later too, which surprised me.

jack pulpit leaves
Arisaema triphyllum

I caught a Jack-in-the-pulpit leaf in the act of unfurling (above).

star-shaped old mushrooms

Couldn't even guess what these mushrooms are, but I like what they’re doing.

star-shaped close-up

Found this ornate box turtle right on the trail, eating a worm with such vigor that he didn’t even notice me right off!

ornate box turtle

Tried to get some shots of his beautiful spotted front legs, but by then he was having none of me. Too bad, because he was wet with rain, and the colors were extra-vibrant.

2 puffballs

Puffballs in the setting sun.

puffball face

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