Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Missouri woods—backlog—gorgeous edible mushrooms* I

*This is not a mushroom ID blog! Please use many resources when identifying mushrooms.

After a nice 2012 morel-hunting season (but almost 2 months earlier than normal—!), a severe drought started here in central Missouri. Spring started out fine, but then it stopped raining, in MARCH. I lost my hiking/blogging momentum.

There was a nice rain about 2 months in, and I headed out all hopeful, but 15 minutes into it crashed into not one, but two horrific, enormous clouds of seed ticks—mission aborted.

We’ve had some rain recently, and I’ve been getting out there (still slim pickins), but why did I never post this stuff from last fall? So, here comes everything, in a few separate posts, in roughly chronological order. From last fall.

chicken of the woods on log

Above and below, gorgeous young chicken of the woods, mid-September. Saturated with rain, so the color is even brighter.

young Laetiporus sulphureus close up
I swear the color is not tweaked. They really can be so bright it almost hurts your eyes.

Below, more Laetiporus sulphureus, but older specimens, and not wet from recent rain.
large growth of Laetiporus  sulphureus
The pale grey horizontal stroke in the background is the trail in a very popular park! We harvested a lot of this, and left some, and later were swapping foray stories and found out that a friend of ours got what we left. “Oh, that was you guys? Thanks for leaving me some!”

I like them this young:
squeezing young chicken of the woods

Chicken of the woods turns butter bright yellow:
chicken of the woods sauteeing

Oh, man, if you’ve ever eaten these I know you’re in a reverie just looking at this! But wait ‘til you see the next one! Vegans, don’t look, you’ll hurt yourself!

chicken of the woods on steak
Sautéed chicken of the woods on rib eye with gorgonzola and asparagus. That was a great day.


  1. great, now I'm hungry for ribeye and mushrooms at 7am

  2. The other day, coincidentally, I happened to wonder: "What ever happened to that Missouri mushroom blog I used to read?"

    It's been dry here in SE Arizona too, but then it's always dry! I do miss the 'shrooms I used to find in northern Missouri, where I used to live. People tell me I'll have to go up into the Chiricuaha and Huachuca Mountains to find many mushrooms.

    Love those Chickens of the Woods! I've found and eaten many a clump.

  3. Beautiful! I hope to find some chicken of the woods sometime! Thanks for blogging again. I really enjoy your posts.

  4. Oh, Larry, it's just awful, last year it stopped raining in September, I think--but this year was SEVERE...
    All is compared to the glorious year when I simultaneously discovered the macro setting AND mushrooms (2009)--so much rain, so many mushrooms! I lost my mind! Now have my thoughts are spent wondering if it's going to rain.

  5. @ Susan, thank you, and I hope you find chickens, too!
    Watch for several more posts of everything left over from last year.

  6. What a coincidence...I now write a monthly article for a local free paper and just last night submitted my latest, about fungi! It's coming in to season here in the U.K. too. Great to see you posting and out in the woods finding stuff.

  7. @Larry, "HALF" my thoughts! Sheesh!
    @JJ, double triple super-duper coincidence, I was just hired to re-write all the content on the local Department of Conservation's mini-mushroom site!