Thursday, January 20, 2011

Proof of winter

View from back door

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't find any mushrooms today.
What I really wanted to title this post was, "Kill me now", but I didn't want to attract the wrong kind of attention.


  1. More like, POOP of winter!
    (morels are almost here)

  2. I guess--if you count 3 months as "almost"...

  3. Hi, "myc", you have a fascinating blog here, written with such enthusiasm.I've often stumbled upon fungi on my travels,so hopefully your blog will enlighten me a little as to what's going on with them.

    Your photo pretty much sums up the weather in the UK this last couple of months - I can't wait for spring to arrive. If you think finding mushrooms is difficult in this weather spare a thought for us lepidopterists :-)

    Charlie, in W.Yorkshire.

  4. Hello, "lep", glad you enjoy the blog. I HAD to create one, as a way to consolidate my enthusiasm and photos, instead of calling my friends and badgering them to go look at my pictures as I babbled on about what I found.

    Since this photo was taken, a BLIZZARD hit, making this scene look pretty tame. Closed down the whole town for 2 days--including the university--first time in 25 years!

    I just keep telling myself that every day that goes by, no matter how viciously cold, or how many FEET of snow is dropped, is one day closer to SPRING.