Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Humble Cicada

Annual cicada, Tibicen sp.

3 ocelli

I've always loved those little sparkly red-jelly eye-spots. When I was little I thought they looked like lights. I still think they look like lights.

What I was really after was a good shot of the beautiful pattern on its back. It's a very elegant color combination, in a lovely and mysterious pattern.

Full frontal cicada.

I had a species name plonked on this one, after looking up "cicada" and then "annual cicada" and then "Missouri annual cicada," until I looked a little further into it, and saw that there's a whole bunch of similar ones, and then I lost interest.  


  1. > I had a species name plonked on this one ...

    Kinda like mushrooms! :)

    -- Feral boy

  2. Nice camo! That is one interesting bug. I wonder what environmental reason gave it those colors.

  3. That's what they always look like, unless they've just emerged (brighter). At least, that's what THIS species always looks like. When I found out there's about 6 kinds in Missouri, it suddenly seemed too hard to figure it out, so I stopped at "Tibicen".

    Or do you mean in its whole evolutionary life?

  4. It's a Tibicen lyricen.


  5. Well, thanks! Where did you come from, and where were you when I needed you???