Monday, September 14, 2009

Chanterelle fest

Honkin' huge

This was about the FIFTH time me an' Rob went to this spot for more...

Chanterelles in a colander.
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  1. i too have been interested in mycology for a while now. were you aware that you can buy spores online to grow your own mushrooms? it is really easy, and all the supplies you need to grow beautiful mushrooms will cost you a little over 60 bucks. the sites will sell you spores from many different types of mushrooms, from decoative, to hallucinogenic (sp?) i recently grew some mushrooms in a fish tank that were not edible (very poisonous) but when you turned the lights out in the room they were bioluminescent. very cool to see.

  2. Decoactive was supposed to read " decorative" sorry.... and the bioluminescent variety i grew in a fish tank was called Mycena lux-coeli. i cannot remember the website i got the spores from. there are MANY out ther though most specialize in psilocybin containing mushrooms which are a scheduled drug in 49 states, so i would reccomend using one that legally sells legal spores in the us. no need for a paper trail to lead back to you from a website that gets busted even if you were not doing anything illegal yourself. maybe i am just paranoid i had to post anonymous because for some reason it would not let me log in

  3. I looked up the Mycena, wonderful!

    And, while I have nothing against "shrooms", I'm not pursuing that aspect of mushrooms. I'm just fascinated with the incredible variety that I find, and collecting and eating the few easy-to-identify edibles.

    I really appreciate your comments. Thank you!